ISHM Committee Special Advisors

Special Advisors are a key part of ISHM. The ISHM General Committee is responsible for planning and conducting the annual School. The General Committee consists of forty-one members and is made up of the General Chairman, association members and representatives elected from industry and manufacturing.  One of these important and vital committees is our Special Advisors Committee.

Special Advisors are appointed each year by the incoming General Chairman, and work closely with the General Committee. Special Advisors can be members of industry and manufacturing companies. They provide valuable services in helping the General Committee prepare and deliver the ISHM School. 

2022 Special Advisors

Joe Gepfert
GE Oil & Gas
Deb Jacobs
Meter Engineers
Peter Kosewicz
Joe Landes
SPL Inc.
Jim Strawn
Strawn Group
Bruce Wallace
Peak AI Solutions
Bobby Wollard
Dr. Sohrab Zarrabian
Jeremiah Gage
Keith Fry
Howard Measurement
Jesse Zapien
Justin Richardson
Devon Energy
Jessica Swan  Tyo
SPL Inc.
Joey Ragsdale
Cherokee Measurement
Scott Jackson
Vinson Process Management
Austin Hill
Chris Sperry
Fleaux Services
Jason Strawn
Vanessa Kleker
Thomas Mitchner
Southern Star
Brock Bowman
Lucid Energy
Jody Cook
Evolution Midstream
Lindsey Hudgeons